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What Your Boss Wants To Know About NetSuite ERP

As a business owner or manager, you are likely always on the hunt for products and solutions that will streamline business operations and increase your bottom line. Operating a business is no easy chore. But having an efficient ERP solution can easily integrate your financial and management operations into one system, thereby freeing up you and your employees to better apply skills and energies elsewhere. Out of all of the ERP solutions available on the market today, the one you really want to know about is NetSuite.

ERP solutions are designed to combine the various processes essential to running a business, such as inventory and order management, human resources, accounting, customer relationship management, and moreover, all of the back-end operations, into one complete system to streamline information and processes across an entire company. However, not all cloud ERP and CRM solutions are built the same.

Here are 7 things you (and your boss) should know about NetSuite and how it can vastly improve your organization:

1. Efficient

NetSuite delivers its hosted services over the Internet through cloud computing. This means that you can rid your company of a costly on-premise IT infrastructure and resources. This can save you as much as 50 percent, while also ensuring an accelerated delivery of desired services.

2. Integrated

Businesses can easily integrate NetSuite with existing CRM and e-commerce systems. This includes supporting real-time transactions and data flows between these systems. In addition, should you wish to upgrade your CRM and e-commerce systems, NetSuite offers the flexibility to merge into its own broader capabilities at your own pace.

3. Visibility

NetSuite’s platform includes built-in, real-time financial dashboards, reporting, and analytic tools that allow users to continually monitor company-specific KPIs and the latest financial and management reports. Not only does this help your CTO make more accurate forecasts but helps upper-management respond to spikes and declines in demand.

4. Anywhere

Because NetSuite is cloud-based, users can securely access and manage processes from anywhere, at any time. This allows business owners to hire the most talented employees regardless of their location, which can also reduce the overhead costs of maintaining a large in-house team. This also allows executives to easily check on the latest developments on any Internet-connected device, including their cell phone.

5. Global

NetSuite offers complete multi-currency management, global sales tax management, and comprehensive compliance with all local accounting regulations.

6. Adaptable

Businesses can run their processes through NetSuite with confidence that any and all custom development will be automatically integrated with each new system release, eliminating the possibility of “version-lock.” NetSuite ultimately allows businesses to be agile and adapt to market changes.

7. Up-to-Date

NetSuite is constantly working to provide you with the latest innovations and system technologies that will allow you to better streamline your business’ processes. When you choose NetSuite, your organization will benefit from syncronized processes and real-time reporting.



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