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Signs That Your Business Should Invest In NetSuite

NetSuite offers a cost-effective, efficient, and integrated management solution of core business processes for small and mid-sized companies. If the following issues sound painfully familiar, it is time to make the switch to NetSuite ERP:

Rising IT Costs

If your organization has different software for every business process, making them work together can be a nightmare. In fact, it may be impossible. When you are constantly relying on workarounds and patches so that systems can communicate with one another, it is a sign that it’s time to rethink the way you are managing data. NetSuite ERP reduces your reliance on in-house software thus eliminating maintenance. Upgrades are free of charge, so you never have to wait to start using the latest version.

Difficulty Managing Resources

Increase collaboration using NetSuite Cloud ERP. Customizable dashboards make it easy for each member of your team–plus customers, partners, and vendors—to access the appropriate information. With NetSuite, it doesn’t matter if you are working remotely or in an office, all employees will have real-time access to the things they need to do business.

Unreliable Reporting

When pulling reports is like pulling teeth—painful, time-consuming, and expensive—it’s time for a change. With the pace of business today, you need to be agile and make decisions on a dime. For that, you need current, integrated data, and on-demand reporting. Manually updated spreadsheets should be a thing of the past! Execs need access to a snapshot of overall operations at a moment’s notice. Tracking and measuring KPIs like orders per day should be effortless. With NetSuite, it is simple to stay on top of your operation and gain transparency.

Delayed Financial Closings

As operations expand, QuickBooks may not be cutting it anymore. It’s surprising how many firms are still using paper invoices, wasting time with entering and re-entering data into separate sales and accounting systems. NetSuite also handles complex financials instantly, allowing all financials to sit in a single database, with no manual reconciliation required.

Expansion Plans

A lot of database and sales software designed for smaller businesses is lacking in key features and can only handle so many accounts. A growing company often needs a much larger database system and one that can handle several independent data streams being implemented and shared in real-time. Cloud ERP allows for scalability and a dynamic system. NetSuite ERP not only scales as your company grows, but it is also easily integrated with proprietary systems and acts as an organized application ecosystem.

Sales and Customer Service Slow-Downs

To ensure productivity, departments must have access to high-level and in-depth information so that all processes are transparent. For example, transaction histories are visible to sales staff to help them with upsells. Reps need tracking information to enable superior customer service—and to enable customer self-service as well. NetSuite empowers every department to do their jobs better, make proactive decisions and increase productivity.

Unreliable Systems

To grow, reliable software and systems are a must-have. NetSuite’s uber-reliable and highly secure, cloud-based management software guarantees 99.5 percent up-time. This business solution maintains a single record for every facet of your business.

Disorganized Data

Information is critical, and because of that, it has to be accurate. A sign of bad data implementation is when mission-critical figures are stored locally and have to be updated manually. Now, this may work for start-up companies but as the company grows that solution will not hold up. Data has to be accurate to the minute and stored in such a way that all company branches can access it at the same time. NetSuite allows for updates to be made as needed instantaneously from all branches of the company no matter what their location. There is only a single version of the truth; once a record is created it can be updated at any time and all departments will see the latest version of the record. NetSuite consolidates your solutions into a single system where all data is securely housed, record tracking and reporting comes easy.

Supply Chain Errors

Without an easily accessible central database for keeping accurate numbers across your company’s supply chain proves very difficult. Signs of this are readily apparent. If your stock and supply numbers are never quite accurate and information isn’t being updated in real-time then you’re losing money and efficiency. Supply and parts constraints should never be caused just by not knowing what you have on hand. The glory of implementing NetSuite is that all of your back-office and front-office operations will take place within the same system.



As you can see, upgrading to cloud-based ERP like NetSuite offers many advantages. At a certain point, existing methods simply become unworkable due to economies of scale, time frame, and simple advancements in both business and technology. If your existing system has any of the above traits or difficulties, it is becoming (or already is) a liability, and cloud-based ERP services will not only help you function more efficiently but allow for faster and more profitable day-to-day operations.

When you need to make better, faster business decisions, rely on NetSuite cloud ERP software for real-time business intelligence on any and every aspect of your organization. NetSuite ERP brings all the data you need together from e-commerce and financials to logistics to CRM, allowing your company to run efficiently, keep pace with the market and stay ahead of the competition.

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