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How to Find a Qualified NetSuite Developer

When you need NetSuite customization, there are many options to consider. For any NetSuite customization project, you can hire an individual NetSuite developer or a company with a team of developers. An individual might have lower hourly rates while a team has a broader set of skills and capabilities.

You can find a NetSuite developer who is a direct employee of NetSuite, a NetSuite Partner/Solution Provider, or a freelancer. Each has its own benefits which we will review below.

NetSuite Direct

  • Will know the platform very well.
  • Access to many other experienced NetSuite resources.
  • Ability to analyze your business from a technical perspective.

NetSuite Partner/Solution Provider

  • Likely hss extensive NetSuite experience.
  • Some are former NetSuite employees.
  • Ability to customize a project to your specifications and be able to meet you on-site at your business.
  • More personalized attention and service.

Freelance NetSuite Developer

  • If they are abroad, make sure their contact hours meet your specifications.
  • Might seem more affordable, but harder to ensure quality.

How Do You Find a Qualified NetSuite Developer?

The most obvious place to start is referrals from existing NetSuite customers. You can post on LinkedIn in the groups like Official NetSuite Community Network,  NetSuite Users Group, and NetSuite Solution Providers. You will find many qualified NetSuite developers in these groups who will respond to your posts.

You could also do a Google search for “Netsuite developers,” NetSuite consultants,” and “NetSuite solution providers.” Develop a list of 5-10 possible candidates and narrow down based on your specific requirements. Make sure to ask good questions to get a feel for the quality of work and the methodologies they use.

But—you don’t have to go far. 360 Cloud Solutions represents the best-of-the-best in NetSuite expertise by maintaining a deep bench of senior-level consultants, developers, solution architects, and administrators. Our team has extensive experience in the finance, services, SaaS/IoT, project management, distribution, manufacturing, and healthcare industries—making 360 Cloud Solutions a key partner in solving business management complexities. With over 400 successful implementations, we know how to get it done.


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