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Success Story: Pro Surveillance & Security


The undisputed leader in 24/7 live video surveillance taps Salesforce and NetSuite with 360 Subscription Billing to automate and manage their recurring invoicing and revenue business model.


“I think it’s safe to say it’s one of the easier implementations we’ve had. The nice thing…is you guys are very responsive. If you send an email, you have a response usually the same day. It [the implementation] was a very pleasant experience.”


—Sales Operations Team Member

Business Challenge

Guarding their client’s well-being and safety is serious work, and this company needed a serious solution to scale their growing business. This Texas-based company realized that the complexities of a subscription business model hampered growth and that a native NetSuite ERP module was essential to handle their burgeoning growth. For example, flexibility was required in managing subscription changes over customer lifecycles along with improving the presentation of in-contract actions to customers. They also required the ability to track and automate price escalations and declining discounts to customers in a user-friendly way.

Most importantly, they needed to establish an enterprise system foundation in NetSuite that supported 28 day, monthly, quarterly, and annual billing frequencies. 360 Subscription Billing was chosen due to this, as it is built upon best practices gleaned from an expert in the subscription business model environment to optimize their ERP scalability in a variety of ways over the past decade.


By implementing 360 Subscription Billing, automated processes were developed for bringing Orders into NetSuite from Salesforce, processing those Orders, generating recurring invoices, and ultimately eliminating the manual work required to generate customer invoices, credits, discounts, and payments. The result was back-office efficiencies while boosting Account Receivables and cash flow while reducing General & Administrative costs.

360 Cloud Solutions also guided their Process Leaders in NetSuite Order to Cash processes, utilizing components and best practices of 360 Subscription Billing. As part of the “white-glove” service, 360 trained their Process Leaders and the IT team to self-support, which was crucial during Beta testing.

With expert consultation and implementation, this company now has greater insight into their business, while gaining critical efficiencies needed to scale the business. As noted by a project closure participant in the process, the project that 360 completed has tremendously increased their billing flexibility and reporting capabilities.


On the implementation experience: “It was a very smooth process. You guys are doing a great job over there. I am very pleased with how it’s turned out.”


—Executive Team Member

Products & Services
  • 360 Subscription Billing for NetSuite
  • Salesforce integration via Dell Boomi

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