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A Round-Up Of NetSuite Customer Success Stories

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NetSuite Customer Success Stories: Discover the Many Ways NetSuite Supports Success

Curious about how a custom NetSuite solution can help you? The best way to understand the multitude of advantages that NetSuite can deliver for a company is to learn from those who have been there. NetSuite customer success stories provide a peek into the many ways that companies use the leading enterprise resource planning solution to streamline, scale, and better serve their customers.

Below we offer six NetSuite customer success stories to provide you with inspiration in planning your ERP implementation.

1. DUDE Products maintains lean operations through rapid growth

As a small company, DUDE Products, a manufacturer of flushable wipes, prioritized low overhead. However, as the company began to outgrow QuickBooks-based financial processes, executives realized that automation on its own wasn’t enough to provide the efficiency they needed.

The company partnered with 360 Cloud Solutions for ongoing NetSuite Managed Services in order to continually improve invoicing, inventory management, and reporting. This ongoing contracted support meant DUDE never missed an opportunity to optimize, remained one step ahead of system updates and potential bugs, and improved business visibility through a range of custom solutions.

It wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic hit, however, that DUDE saw the true value of the foundation it had put in place. As toilet paper shortages hit the news, DUDE flushable wipes became a must-have alternative. Overnight, demand skyrocketed but their NetSuite inventory management and financial system kept operating without a hitch. The company saw 3x growth over the course of a year and was able to absorb the massive sales volume while remaining as lean as ever.

2. Greentouch brings backorders down and sales up

Greentouch was founded in 2014 to offer exclusive furniture design at inclusive prices. Once its hot looks were rolled out across Lowe’s locations in 2018, everyone wanted a piece of this brand. The demand was great for sales, but not so good for the team managing invoices. In fact, the lack of functionality and unresolved technical issues in their existing inventory solution became so problematic that the team switched to manual processing for 150 orders each day. As backorders mounted – as high as 2,000 at any given time – the team realized they needed a new solution.  

The manufacturer decided on NetSuite, and tasked 360 Cloud Solutions with developing a solution that met Greentouch’s specific business needs. The 360 team designed a solution that would enable a more efficient EDI process, greater inventory visibility, and improved customer service.

Once the new system went live, Greentouch was able to process 250 invoices each, leading to a 90% reduction in backorders. Yet the cherry on top of this NetSuite customer success story was the company’s resulting 400% increase in sales.

3. Brad Hall & Associates unifies subsidiaries within a single system

Petroleum distributor Brad Hall & Associates had developed a sophisticated business operations system for managing orders and purchases, but accounting and reporting was performed manually on spreadsheets. With seven subsidiaries, that manual process slowed time to close deals and opened the organization up to risk through the potential for financial miscalculations. The company engaged 360 Cloud Solutions to implement a custom NetSuite solution that could unify the enterprise across a single platform.

Not only did 360 deliver, but they integrated the distributor’s existing operations system into their NetSuite solution. With the implementation, subsidiaries gained visibility into a single system for managing customers, vendors, related transactions, and reporting.

4. Budget Dumpster pivots faster in the face of the unexpected

In the face of consistent growth, Budget Dumpster, a provider of low-cost and effective waste removal solutions, realized it needed to automate its manual recurring billing process for generating monthly invoices. Relying on team members to process customer invoices and manage subscription pricing lifecycles for more than 1,000 monthly invoices made it difficult for the business to adapt quickly to unexpected issues or constraints. Having an employee who managed customer invoicing take extended leave, for example, threatened to throw off the entire process.

Budget selected 360 Subscription Billing to automate recurring and subscription billing processes, end-to-end, within NetSuite. With this built-for-NetSuite native app, Budget was able to automatically generate vendor purchase orders, integrate with automated credit card payment processors, and provide a scalable back-end support process to handle service agreement changes during the life of a contract. Automating these once heavily manual processes freeing up employees to focus on strategy and other value-add activities.

5. TMW automates compliance on a deadline

As a developer of enterprise management software for the surface transportation services industry, TMW Systems knew the value of automation. But when it came time to select a solution to automate and streamline their order to cash process, their focus was on selecting a solution that could simplify ASC606 compliance for their deferred contract revenue.

TMW reached out to 360 Cloud Solutions for assistance in implementing 360 Subscription Billing. With the module, TMW automated synchronization between revenue and billing, proration for partial billing periods, and creation of consolidated recurring invoices for their customers. Thanks to collaborative project plans and design/testing documentation with 360, TMW was able to quickly secure necessary approvals from their ASC606/SOX compliance teams within their go-live time frame.

The result is higher efficiency, better data, and complete confidence in SOX compliance. The master contract database within TMW’s ERP and accounting system allows the company to more easily manage contract changes and renewals and better identify trends.

6. Multhall’s next-gen owners gain new levels of efficiency

Mulhall’s nursery and landscaping company had been family owned since 1956. While the company had grown significantly, its financial reporting processes hadn’t kept pace. The company was using an outdated platform to operate four business units and internal shared services, and the constant need for maintenance and workarounds was taking its toll.

As a third generation prepared to take over the family-owned company, they aimed to bring with them modern updates that could help the company scale, increase productivity, improve visibility, and better support teamwork, accountability, and actionable insights.

NetSuite offered all of these advantages, and, more importantly, it promised ease of use. After struggling with their old system, the company was ready for a solution designed for streamlined implementation and fast user adoption. NetSuite Suite Success Manufacturing offered these advantages and more. At last, the company’s business units all gained the functionality they needed and the visibility they wanted through a single high-performing ERP system.

Create your own NetSuite customer success story!

As you can see, the key to maximizing the advantages possible with NetSuite comes from adopting the solution that best fits your needs. That’s why 360 Cloud Solutions begins each engagement with a business process review that matches your final product to your business needs and budget.

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