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Reclaim Your Day with a Custom NetSuite Interface

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Reclaim Your Day with NetSuite Customizations

One of the leading benefits NetSuite provides companies is that it is built on a unified data model, giving way to consistent data storage and reporting mediums. NetSuite is an accounting-centric SaaS platform that, by design, helps reduce the risk of duplication errors by leveraging a single source of truth. 

Out of the box, NetSuite has many powerful tools to accommodate most businesses. Still, for those needing more, NetSuite customizations allow companies to create a user interface that reflects the organization’s unique business requirements. These custom solutions allow companies greater freedom in the types of data programming they automate and the metrics they track—and elicit more significant opportunities to boost efficiency and productivity. 

What is customization in NetSuite?

NetSuite is equipped with a wide range of standard modules that give many organizations the tools they need to manage financials, orders, inventory, customer relationships, and other business processes. However, many businesses want a solution that allows them to create custom interfaces and organize data in a way that is intuitive to their unique processes to meet a specific business objective. 

To address these unique needs, developers can use NetSuite’s SuiteCloud platform to create custom interfaces that offer companies custom-tailored capabilities. Solutions can be as simple as hiding specific fields or as complex as creating custom pages with automated output. NetSuite custom solutions can leverage custom records, fields, data relationships, pages, and workflows. When done right, these user interfaces look and function like native NetSuite user interfaces. 

Benefits of NetSuite customization

There are countless reasons to consider NetSuite customization:

  • It allows companies to create custom user interfaces that serve the needs of their unique business processes. 
  • It supports background processing of larger datasets and can notify users when a business process has been completed successfully.
  • It allows companies to connect legacy and third-party apps to NetSuite’s unified data model.
  • It supports delivering more actionable data through reports and KPIs that reflect specific business needs and industry standards.
  • It solicits new opportunities to improve efficiency and productivity.

While the possibilities for customization are virtually limitless, popular options include custom pages that automate standard procedures. For example, in a recent customization built by 360, a company creates a work order template that automatically generates lot numbers and allows users to select options quickly from among set filters. Connecting the interface with NetSuite’s native inventory planning capabilities ensures adequate components are available to build the quantity demanded. 

Another popular NetSuite customization option is a sales configuration tool that guides users to insert the correct mix of products and services directly into a transaction. This solution pairs well with the 360 Subscription Billing Product for those companies that sell recurring services and devices. In addition, 360 Development built a custom billing interface that allows selecting and consolidating invoices down to the sub-customer level. 

The true value of NetSuite is showcased in its ability to report key metrics to stakeholders so they can use that information to make informed decisions about the business. Whether the business requires an automated lot number and assignment to build a solution or a subscription to a device pairing custom interface, that data is always reportable, providing real-time insight for stakeholders.

Working with a NetSuite customization expert

NetSuite’s most significant benefit is that the platform can be customized for nearly any organization. Of course, this can sometimes feel like a drawback, as the limitless possibilities can be overwhelming. This is where 360 Cloud Solutions can help. 

We strive to identify the solutions for your business that best fit the NetSuite ecosystem. We do this by exploring your organization’s requirements from many angles and exhausting all native NetSuite configuration options first. Our goal is never to rebuild the business’ old system in NetSuite but instead engineer a solution that compliments the organization's investment in Netsuite, gaining efficiencies and a stronger ROI.

The 360 Cloud Solutions development team has provided NetSuite customization solutions for various uses over the last 20 years. 360 Cloud Solutions can help organizations reclaim lost hours and get more important things done no matter the tedious task or time sink holding users back. We ensure that the custom interfaces and processes we engineer operate seamlessly across platform upgrades and are malleable enough to keep up with changes in your business.

If you’re ready to reclaim more time from routine business processes but aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help. Connect with 360 Cloud solutions today. 


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