Finding the right technology solution stack for your retail business doesn’t have to be difficult. Despite ones best efforts to provide the best shopping experience, consumers are constantly evolving the ways they intake the products and services they love. One bad experience and a customer is likely to spread their negative experience faster than they would a positive one. This can have an effect on any brand no matter what industry.

Focusing on creating a positive shopping experience as a retailer is important, but how do you align your commerce channels to create a consitently awesome experience?brand-consumer-driven-enhancement.jpg Retailers need to be prepared with the right tools.

Visibility is KEY

We live in a data driven world where anything we want to know is available. When back office processes are streamlined, associates have more time to focus on what the customer wants. With better customer engagement, businesses are likely to generate repeat, loyal customers. Greater visibility into inventory can allow associates to notify customers of unavailable products before they add them to their cart, suggest alternatives and stay ahead of sales trends. Not only can they create a better brick and mortar experience, but a better online one which informs your employees of sales, delivery dates, and product information to enable them to make better decisions.

Personalized Experiences

Engaging with customers on a personal level can prevent a bait and switch situation where the customer browses the product online only to purchase it online at a later time from a competitor. With access to online shopping carts, associates can help build customer profiles which make customers feel valued. Staff can help customers keep track of items they chose not to buy in-store through virtual shopping carts managed on mobile devices. Knowing what consumers want and reminding them through better experiences will keep customers coming back. As a retailer it is important to use a system like NetSuite which allows you to manage inventory, ecommerce and POS so that the customer data that is analyzed is depicting the full picture.

Streamline Processes

Having the right information in the right devices enables businesses to focus more on customer experiences and satisfaction rather than back office operations. Manual processes can slow down effectiveness of an exceptional experience through the manual pushing of information. This is not only time consuming but not cost effective for any business. Utilizing a modern retail solution, like NetSuite, allows businesses with both brick and mortar and online storefronts to operate in unison.

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