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Fake Cloud Computing: Don't Get Sucked In

Posted by Jordan Krizman on Oct 7, 2011 10:35:00 AM

fake cloud computingWhat is Fake Cloud Computing?

Fake cloud computing is a response to the popular cloud computing software buzz.  Many companies are taking their on-premise applications and creating a "cloud version."  The only problem is that the claims of being cloud computing financial software are often false and misleading.  An example of this is Microsoft, who is taking their Dynamics Software Suite and attempting to put it in the cloud. (Source: Zdnet article)

Why Is Fake Cloud Computing So Trendy?

The Gartner Group recently commented on this trend by stating, "...because SaaS and cloud computing are hot concepts in the market, many suppliers are re-branding their hosting or application management or application outsourcing capabilities asSaaS or are claiming their solutions are available 'in the cloud'...suppliers run the risk of confusing and antagonizing buyers if they persist with this approach."

What Are The Dangers of Fake Cloud Computing?

In fake cloud computing, on-premise software is hosted by a value-added reseller (VAR) or another service provider.  The risks with this model are related to waiting for upgrades, process integration and the business viability of your service provider.  VAR's that host fake clouds are consolidating regularly and there is no guarantee how long they will be around.  Also, they cannot afford to purchase equivalent security systems that a real cloud solution uses. 

Even Microsoft's own execs  admit that applications from the cloud should be designed for the cloud, and not just a converted on-premise version:

"Apps should be designed specifically for the cloud. If you move your existing apps into the cloud, they don’t take advantage of all the features the cloud offers. If you’re just putting applications onto a virtual machine, you’re just putting a horse’s head on the front of a car. That is just not the optimum way to take advantage of the cloud." 
-Rolf Harms, Director of Corporate Strategy, Microsoft.

Click below for the full report on How To Avoid Fake Cloud Computing.


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