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What are the Best Alternatives to Quickbooks?

Posted by Jordan Krizman on Aug 5, 2011 4:18:00 PM

Best Alternatives to Quickbooks

Best Alternatives to Quickbooks

In a recent conversation on called, "What are the best alternatives to Quickbooks Online?," various accounting software users chimed in with their opinions.  However, they failed to address the best alternatives for Quickbooks in regards to companies that are rapidly growing.  Obviously, the best alternatives depend on how large your business is and what your requirements are.  

Countless companies use Quickbooks when they are just starting out.  They continue to grow, but their software can't grow with them.  Ultimately, their ability to operate and compete becomes difficult. This is when they need to start searching for the best alternatives to QuickBooks.

Common problems encountered are:

  • you need up-to-the-minute reporting, but you can't get it until it's too late.
  • you're wasting time playing "hunt the spreadsheet" because your doing more accounting outside QuickBooks than in it
  • you're losing sales because the sales team can't get access to the customer's financials

Symptoms of a Company Looking for the Best Alternatives to Quickbooks

Recently, I spoke with a wholesale distribution company and every time they would create an invoice, it would take QuickBooks seven minutes to load it.  To deal with this, they would go outside and take a break.  Imagine dealing with 100's of orders a week and having to wait seven minutes each time.  That 11 hours of wasted time, every week, just waiting for Quickbooks to process.  Their large inventory was overloading the application and it would come to a grinding halt.

To tackle this problem, there is a free report called, "The Top 5 Signs That You Have Outgrown Quickbooks."

Download it below to see when it's time to seek out the best alternatives to QuickBooks.

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